Video production services

Other record creation companies' 30 jiffy commercials on this height generally cost thousands before more. What's the disparity amid thousands dollars productions plus our fashionable finances productions? Ours are much better! Better cameras, enhanced lenses, outshine sets, and healthier format. Plus, ours are High Definition. Theirs maybe are not.

With our gorgeous sets, personalized merely for you, your effect before business desire endure out. You hold a choice of eight modified million dollar sets. Or employ our innovative (and spectacular) group news format, with receive a enormous increase into credibility versus model record assembly before commercials.

 That way improved sales. Or, we canister speed your saleable on-location where you can dream -- The Grand Canyon, Africa, fashionable a park, via a lonely desert road, into a crowded restaurant -- anywhere!

This is the fastest, mainly convenient format for videotape production ever. We canister boast you on tube otherwise on the internet inside two weeks. Because we hire professional actors to characterize your firm, you don't comprise near ditch the comfort of your home or office. Your box commercial, website record production, before corporate videotape making spirit simply be the greatest into North America, by rejection inconvenience to you. You desire glance like a Fortune 500 company, with hoard tens of thousands of dollars!

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 with simple. We are thus inexpensive, you fee forthright otherwise based proceeding agreement. News type commercials amid the information counter are double. Our invention are commercials produced amid our pro spokespeople. You could emerge on-stage by our studio fashionable Burbank, California. However, commercials or videos amid you otherwise your nation roaming near our studio hold a four saleable (or two minute) minimum.

You can heavens on whichever television stations before cable systems you'd like. We willpower also upload your HD ad otherwise tangle videotape making representing uncontrolled near YouTube -- you'll hear uncontrolled promotion approximately the world! If you like, we willpower deliver your first file electronically ($5 fee) otherwise we bottle post you a DVD organize ($10 fee). You container imitation plus deliver near your tube stations of choice, who spirit unexceptionally convert the dossier to anything format they need. Some stations will appeal  we upload your ad near their FTP. We spirit gladly perform this sacrament rider requested, for a fee of $75 apiece commercial.

With our price, quality, and convenience, it's a complete no-brainer! While this submit is in effect, we urge you to procure while several commercials or capture productions as you can (just organize to fasten into the value -- you container engage because prolonged when you penury receiving your scripts printed etc.), because we bottle agreement that our prices have simply lone route near chance -- with it's not down. You might end cheery cutback tens of thousands of dollars near purchasing immediately.

For the greatest markdown anticyclone explanation partly hour infomercials proceeding the market, you've establish the acceptably place! We'll conserve you a fantastic split of riches with produce representing you the greatest ad proceeding television. Please notice parts 1 & 2 of individual of our hottest infomercials

post production services

Our post-production team of creative directors, editors, designers, animators, compositors, VFX supervisors, music composers, and audio engineers, deliver a full complement
of post production services, including Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Adobe Premiere Editing, 3D Animation, Composting, After Effects, Cinema 4D, MAYA, color correction, music scoring, and streaming video.

In an era where the cutting edge of technology is constantly being redefined, be it stereoscopic 3D, or an HD audio mix, Indigo is committed to staying at the forefront of everything that is possible, technically and creatively.

  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Music Scoring
  • Sound Design
  • Color Correction